How to Get Google Ads Certification and Why You Should Do It

Getting certified for Google Ads is fairly easy, it takes only a couple of hours per course, and it’s completely free of charge. I have recently passed a few courses on Google Ads: Google Ads Display Certification, Google Ads Search Certification and Google Ads – Measurement Certification. Given that it was a pleasant experience, I thought I’d share a little about the process in case you were thinking about getting certified as well.

In the paragraphs below, I’ll share the steps on how to get Google Ads certified and then I’ll list a couple of benefits the certification may bring your way.

How to Get Google Ads Certified

Step 1 – Create a Skillshop Account

The first thing you need to do is create an account on Skillshop, a training platform on Google’s tools and solutions. In order to create an account, you need a gmail account that you can connect to the platform. Once you create the account, you’ll be able to explore the courses on the platform and take the ones that you find interesting.

Step 2 – Explore the Courses

Now that you have a Skillshop account, you can explore the platform and take the courses you find appealing or interesting. All courses are grouped in eight categories based on the tools and/or solutions a course refers to. Therefore, you’ll be able to find all Google Ads courses under the Google Ads category, including the ones that you can get certified for.

Step 3 – Take a Course

Once you’ve browsed through the courses and chosen the one you’re interested in, you can just click on the course name and start the course. When it comes to Google Ads certification courses (at least the ones I took), each course is divided into three sections: learning material, pre-assessment, and the assessment. Please, keep in mind that these are not official divisions, but just my way of defining them.

If you decide to start one of the certification courses, you’ll notice that the order to the sections is a little different. The fist section is the pre-assessment section, then there is the assessment and finally the learning material. I think this order comes from the fact that you don’t have to go over the learning material or pre-assessment in order to take the assessment.

Step 4 – Pass the Assessment

Most of the courses seem quite short, 2-5 hours. When you think you’re ready, you can take the assessment and get your certification. Keep in mind that the assessment is timed and you need to answer at least 80% of questions correctly to pass the exam. When it comes to the courses I took, they each had between 45-50 questions for the certification.

How to Get Ready for Google Ads Certification – Q&A

Do I need to have any previous knowledge of Google Ads to get certified?

No, you don’t. The course itself does not require it and from what I could tell, each course does a good job of explaining the concepts as if you’d never heard of anything Google Ads related before. However, having some prior knowledge always helps.

Can I just take the assessment, without going through the learning part?

Yes, you can. The learning section of the course is optional. If you’ve been working with Google Ads for some time, you may already have the knowledge needed to pass the certification so you may not have to read through the material. However, if this is your first contact with Google Ads, I’d highly recommend you go through the learning material and the pre-assessment before taking the actual test.

How long are the courses?

As I mentioned before, the courses I took were between 2-5 hours, but you can see the exact length of the course as well as its level in the list of courses.

Do I have to take a course in one go?

No, you can pause and resume at any time. The only part of the course you can not pause is the assessment because it’s timed and if you exit the assessment before answering all the questions, it’s an automatic fail.

If I fail, can I take the test again?

Yes, you can retake the assessment at the earliest 24 hours after you took the last assessment.

Advice: In order to get an overview of what the course is about, you can take the pre-assessment before you go through the learning material. It doesn’t matter if you pass it as this point, but it’s a good way to get your brain into the learning mode. Asking questions is a good way to improve your focus during study time.

Benefits of Google Ads Certification

As you read through these, please keep in mind that all the benefits listed are just my personal opinion.

1. Better understanding of how Google Ads works

Regardless of the level of certification you’re going for, taking these courses will give you a better understanding of how Google Ads works. As you go through the courses, you can test what you learn right away if you’re already working with Google Ads. If not, it’ll give you a good theoretical background for the future.

2. More credibility

Being certified in a certain field gives you more credibility at work or for your future employer. In a way, it is an official proof that you’ve got some level of expertise in the field.

3. Improved chances of getting a job or perhaps a pay raise

If you’re already working with Google Ads, taking these courses may be what you need to improve your performance. In addition, it may lead to you getting a raise if all other aspects needed for it align as well.

On the other hand, if you’re entering the job search market or have been there for a while, getting these certifications might improve the chances of you getting that job you’ve been eye-balling for a while.

So, there you go. I hope the information I shared in this article comes in handy for you should you decide to get Google Ads certified. Also, If you know someone who could benefit from reading this text, feel free to share it.

As a final note, I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section or just contact me directly.

Until the next article, keep learning and growing.


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