Snezana has an amazing way of helping you find solutions and guide you when you really feel quite lost at sea. She has an amazingly welcoming and friendly manner which makes her so easy to talk to and open up to, but is also perfectly capable of calling you out where needed in order to maintain progress and growth.

Snezana has fantastic experience and is also very adept at ‘making you think’ even if the topic of discussion is perhaps not an area she is super knowledgeable on. A fantastic growth mindset and business coach, she got me to a great place in my life personally and my business is really thriving.

Elliot Hunt, Founder @ Concept Renovations

Snezana is a great person but she is an even better coach. She is very good at cutting through noise and helping you focus on the things that matter. Snezana is also an experienced and knowledgeable business person which makes her a great sounding board and advisor when you are trying to work through new ideas/problems.

Most importantly she is not afraid to challenge you when she thinks you are wrong. She’s friendly but she can be tough when she needs to be. She has made a huge impact on my attitude and approach to planning over the last few months and I highly recommend her services.

Sean Murphy, COO @ The Connector

I had the pleasure to work with Snezana both as her mentor and as her client. Snezna is a highly skilled professional, very focused on customer experience and success. She knows how to effectively integrate customer needs into business success. Snezna is also a great thinker, focused on problem-solving, process improvement, and has great communication skills. She is one of the most promising business leaders I know. I would recommend anyone to work with her!!

Efi Ben Artzy, Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor

I’m incredibly grateful that a friend recommended Snezana to me. Spending time with her has proven to be one of the most valuable investments in my personal and professional growth. Snezana has served as a trustworthy sounding board, guiding me to articulate and challenge my own assumptions. She excels at breaking down big goals and keeping things simple. If you seek a coach to help you to build great habits and use your time more in a more impactful way, Snezana is the perfect choice.

Grainne Byrne, Founder & CEO @ Norma

A friend recommended Snezana to me and told me how much value she got out of working with her weekly. Having someone to hold you accountable, and help overcome business challenges. From our initial conversation, Snezana’s ability to listen deeply to understand my work needs and wants, and strategise around that was the thing that won me over.

During our time together, I gained an understanding of balancing work and life, learning how to block and prioritise. Snezana has fantastic listening skills and was able to look past what I was saying to a deeper level. She was able to take a problem and craft out a plan around it. This was extremely valuable.

Ruth Guest, Founder @ Sersha

I had a pleasure and privilege to work with Snežana. She helped immensely to improve my public speaking skills. Together we have worked on improving various aspects like verbal fluency, body language and gestures, eye contact, voice modulation, and much more.

Snežana has a unique coaching approach that emphasizes the importance of authenticity and connecting with the audience. With her guidance, I learned how to understand and leverage the power of words and how to captivate attention of the audience.

Moreover, Snežana’s assistance and mentorship extended beyond the confines of the classroom. Her constant encouragement and genuine belief in my potential helped me gain confidence and develop volumes of positive energy that served as inspiration for myself and others.

Andreja Zujkovic, Founder @ IceFyre Solutions

Snezana has been a pivotal force in my personal and professional journey. With her unwavering support and insightful guidance, she provided me with clarity in moments of uncertainty. Her passion for growth is infectious, and her methods ensured I stayed motivated and on track with my goals. Whether you’re navigating career development or personal growth, Snezana has a unique ability to empower and transform. Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their leadership and accountability.

Carla Nesci, Co-founder @ Nurse Money

I started working with Snezana about 3 months ago, and the changes I have seen in myself as a leader and person are incredible. Sneza will ask you the right questions to help you figure things out by yourself, always guiding but never pushing. Thanks to our sessions, I have learnt a lot about how I portray myself as a CEO, and how to face difficulties in the workplace and in life. I always leave our sessions with a huge smile on my face and a productivity and energy boost. I would highly recommend working with Snezana if you want to maximize your potential as a person and as a professional.

Laia Feliu, Founder & CEO @ The Reading Corner

Snezana is a kind of coach who’s all in – you can count on her to be a friend who will say it like it is, but in the nicest possible way. My goal when I was starting out with Snezana was to grow as a manager, and now I feel like it’s come down to growing as a person, and the rest just follows. The nature of my job is very hectic, so she had a really tough job to do. So far I’ve seen a huge progress in my mindset as a manager. The most valuable thing I learned from Snezana is how to stay grounded and do better at the most stressful moments. There’s now a little voice in my head that’s saying “good job” at every step of my way. I can’t think of a better outcome of working with management and accountability coach.

Bratislav Bojic, COO @ Product Hunt

Even though, we started working together for the accountability aspect it quickly transitioned into more of a business / life coach situation. She helped me to find out more about myself and during our process we came to the conclusion that what I was doing at the moment (running a Facebook ad agency) didn’t align with my values and needed a switch. Thanks to her I have now realized that what I actually want to do is learn coding to start a SaaS company later down the line. I can say with full confidence that having worked with her has been absolutely life changing.

Timo Huennebeck

It comes naturally to Sneza to guide you in exploring different points of view and she’s not afraid to ask difficult questions. That’s why I leave each session with the feeling of accomplishment, a set of goals and best practices. If you get a chance to work with Sneza, don’t miss out! Her experience, expertise and mindset will always lead you to some new and interesting places worth exploring.

Nikola Stanisavljevic, Product Manager @ Product Hunt

It was really amazing experience. First, I get know myself better. Each session was step to learn what I really want, in which direction to go and most important that I learned how much is important to put myself on the first place. For me that step was the most difficult, but together with Snezana finally I succeeded . So, thank you.

Raduna Kovacevic, Deputy Shopping Centar Manager