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Snowation helps startups and small and medium size businesses grow through business coaching, management consulting and leadership training. I set up individual and team coaching, training and mentoring to help your managers realize their full potential. I teach them how to build strong teams and run successful projects.

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My Experience & Focus

Management Consulting

I help your managers realize their full potential by working with them on defining their strengths and weaknesses, planning and executing skill training, and setting clear goals for both themselves and their team.

Business Coaching

I work with you on your professional growth. During this process, I ask a lot of questions and listen very closely to what you have to say. Then, together we get you on the path that is the most suitable for your own growth or that of your team/company. I am a trained ICF coach for both team and individual coaching.

Leadership Training

I plan, organize and execute leadership training for various teams in your organization. The workshops are mostly centered around communication, public speaking and team leading skills.

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23 Tips to Make Everyday Work More Enjoyable

In this guide, I share my experience with you. I go over certain aspects of a manager’s job that would have helped me a lot had I known them in advance. In the Quick Guide for New Managers, I cover working with team, thinking about you as a manager and running projects.


I started working with Snezana when I was transitioning into a new career. I decided to try coaching out of curiosity and expected that Snezana would solve my issues at hand. However, as each session ended, I left with a feeling that it was me who figured out what was causing the problem and I myself figured out a solution to it. And that’s an invaluable feeling. I feel very fortunate to have had Snezana as a coach and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve personally and professionally.

– Raduna Kovacevic @BIG CEE SERBIA

I’ve been working with Snezana on my career and personal development.The progress I’ve made since working with Snezana as my coach is amazing. Her coaching style and methods have helped me completely change my perspective on several matters, and identify the problems that didn’t seem worth solving at first. She has helped me gain structure and refocus my energy on my career development path. If you get a chance to work with Sneza, don’t miss out! Her experience, expertise and mindset will always lead you to some new and interesting places worth exploring.

– Nikola Stanisavljevic @Emitto

I was fortunate to have Snežana as my mentor. Within just a few sessions she managed to make all the issues and obstacles I had very clear. She has ways of breaking complicated things into tiny little segments that are very easy to navigate and process. This approach helped me to learn how to optimize managing processes within my company and I became aware of the ways to utilize my capabilities in order to overcome personal obstacles. I would highly recommend Snežana to everyone who might feel overwhelmed with the current job, as well as to all the people who are in the need of finding out how to manage the team and processes within their team.

– Bratislav Bojic @ProductHive